The Writer

I write YA fiction - fantasy and mystery/thriller - and am represented by the brilliant Louise Fury of The Bent Agency. I like dark chocolate, hot tea, and pasta (but not necessarily all together). I love archery and studying about weaponry. I love laughing with my family, hanging out with friends, and watching thunder storms. Music is my continual companion, especially when I am writing. I play the piano (very well), I play the flute (quite well), and I play the violin (not well at all). I write songs based upon my novels. I work in IT and am currently pursuing my graduate degree in computer information systems. I speak a few languages: English (obviously), Japanese, Spanish (just enough to get by), and Portuguese (the current baby bird of the family). I like action-packed/epic movies with the sound turned high enough to vibrate the floor. And, of course, I love to read (anytime and all the time, but especially late at night, during a thunderstorm :). God is my Creator, my family is my life, and my friends are everything else.