Thursday, March 6, 2014

Writing by Music - Adrian von Ziegler

So, I discovered a composer awhile back by the name of Adrian von Ziegler, and I have pretty much fallen in love with his music. His pieces range from soothing to epic to haunting to just plain gorgeous. A couple of his CDs, in particular, have been a huge source of inspiration and great mood-setters for the manuscript I am currently editing. This manuscript has a definite dark and mysterious tone to it, so the flavor of the CDs has been perfect for helping me to get into that "zone."

Adrian uploaded the following song to his YouTube channel, and it is just one of my many favorites by him:

I have linked to Adrian's YouTube channel below. His CDs are available for purchase through the iTunes store, and I would definitely recommend a visit. :)

Adrian von Ziegler's YouTube Channel


  1. Yes! I listen to Adrian Von Ziegler too.