Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm Back!

Hello, all my lovely blog peeps!

I am finally returning to you after a rather…  *ahem*…  lengthy period of blog silence.

Seriously, it has been way too long.

But I am back now, and happy to be blogging again. I have missed it. And I have missed all of you!

So, what have I been up to over the past couple of months?


1. I learned how to knit! (Technically I’m still learning, as it’s an ongoing process, but STILL!)

I have a friend who knits, and I guess I never realized how many cool things you can create using nothing more than a pair of needles and a pile of colorful yarn. Upon noting my growing interest, she offered to teach me (which is pretty amazing, considering the time investment and the fact that you normally have to pay for knitting classes). At first, I wasn't sure. But seeing her awesome projects kept pulling me back. So when she offered again, I gave in. :)

I learned what these are:

And I learned how to make the yarn on the left look like the yarn on the right (and why the latter is much easier to work with):

Then came the actual knitting. And I think I fell in love…

The knitting high took over, and I got ambitious.

Since it was still four weeks until Christmas, I thought, “Hey. If I pick this up fast enough, I could make Christmas gifts!”

Thus, in addition to learning to knit, I immediately put myself on a deadline. I kept my newfound passion for knitting a secret (which was hard, I assure you!) and began secretly knitting a scarf for my mom and a hat for my sister.

My friend was nearby for any potential knitting calamities, and somehow I managed to finish both the scarf and the hat in time for Christmas. :)

And thus began a new hobby that has spawned much coveting of ALL THE YARN and obsessive saving of patterns to make everything from T-shirts, sweaters, and blankets to cute, little knitted animals. 

2. I wrestled the Cough of Doom, and it won. Big time…

Literally, guys.

I don’t think I’ve coughed that hard or that long in my life. EVER. And I know I’ve never had such a high fever for so many days.

After a particularly bad night that involved non-stop coughing for hours on end, I succeeded in tearing (shredding? mangling?) the muscles over one side of my ribs. It was at that point that every cough felt like a knife dragging along the bone.

The doctor said the only way the muscles would heal would be to stop coughing.


Hahahaha. Ha. Ha…

So, I set another record for myself: I’ve never eaten so many cough drops in my life.

Thankfully, the Cough of Doom is mostly gone, and the muscles are healing nicely.

But I know a *lot* of other people who’ve had to deal with this nasty cough over the last couple of months. If you are one of them, I am unspeakably sorry… :(

3. I (nearly) finished a book… Or two.

Somehow, amidst the knitting frenzy and coughing attacks, I have managed to nearly complete my next MS, and I am almost ready for revisions on a second one. I’ve reached that exciting place in both of these projects where all I’m feeling is giddy anticipation. Since I’m very much a night writer, I expect many late nights over the next days and weeks, as I delve deep into revision world.

So what is everyone else up to? Have you picked up a new hobby? Finished a project? Wrestled the Cough of Doom (or any of his nasty companions)? Read a good book? Discovered a new tea? Anything fun or exciting happening?

I want to know! :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

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