Tuesday, July 23, 2013

August Writing Challenge!!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve given myself a public blog challenge. In 2011, I did the Chimichanga Challenge with the brilliant Brodi Ashton and Bree Despain. Last November, I successfully completed a NaNo self-challenge. So next month, I’ve decided to do an Achieve All The Things August Challenge (AATTAC)!

This started as a personal challenge to myself, but I got to thinking…  Self-challenges are fun, but group challenges are EVEN BETTER! Therefore, I’d also like to extend the invitation for other writers to participate with me in the AATTAC!

*stares at acronym*

Um, does anyone else think that looks kind of like the word “attack”?



Okay, name change…

This is now the August Attack Challenge! In which we shall attack our goals and achieve ALL THE THINGS!

The rules are simple:

1. Set a writing-related goal (or goals) for the month of August – this can be drafting, revising, editing, whatever…

2. Work like crazy to achieve that goal.

You don’t have to set a ginormous, suck-the-life-out-of-you goal, but don’t go easy on yourself, either. This is supposed to be a *challenge,* after all. ;)

So, what are my goals for the month?

1. Complete the first big revision of my current MS (Ice Story)
2. Write at least 20,000 new words in the WIP that I’m drafting (Dagger Story)

Okay, I’m ready for this! How about you?

*rubs hands together*

*peers at calendar*

Is it August yet…? ;)


  1. I will plot the entirety of my "man in the sand" project :-)

    1. Oh, perfect! Sounds like a great goal. ;) Btw, I love your little code phrase to let me know which project you're talking about. *grin* Good luck!!