Monday, July 2, 2012

WriteOnCon 2012!

Hey y’all!

Do you know what is happening in exactly forty-two days? Since it’s the title of this blog post, you’ve probably figured it out, but I’ll go ahead and say it all epic-like, anyway.  

*cue drums*

*cue woodwinds*

*cue strings*

*cue everything else*

WriteOnCon 2012!!!

Don’t you just love the brilliant little countdown widget?

Many of you have probably heard of WriteOnCon – many of you have probably attended before – but for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, WriteOnCon is an interactive online writer’s conference. Though the curriculum is focused more toward kidlit writers, all writers can glean tons of valuable information and feedback.

I attended the conference last year and had an amazing experience interacting with the agents, editors, and authors who participated. I was also able to connect with some really awesome people as a direct result of the conference. If there is any way you can attend, I definitely encourage it.

Now, here’s a brief list of the Need-To-Know stuff:

When: August 14th and 15th

Cost: Free!!

For those of you who are interested, this year’s theme is “Back to Basics.” Sounds fun, right?

I hope to see y’all there!


  1. I've heard of it, but never attended. Maybe this year I should make it a priority. How does it work though? Do you sit on the couch all day, lap top in tow? Or do you check in every now and then?

    1. If you can attend, I would definitely encourage it. I had a really great experience. As far as your questions, I think there are probably some of each type of people. Some are a little more "in-and-out," and some stay glued to their computer throughout the conference. When it gets a little closer, WriteOnCon will put up a conference schedule. That way, you can choose which things to participate in. They offer a lot of different interactive opportunities - live chats, posts, vlogs, critique forums, etc. As soon as the schedule is up, I'll also post it here on my blog. ;) I hope you can make it!

  2. Ugh too bad I'll be on vacation then....... When I finally actually have something to put up there. LOL. Oh fate...

    1. Oh, no! That's too bad the timing didn't work out for you... :( At least you'll still be able to access the posts, the vlogs, and the transcripts of the live chats when you get back.

      I hope you have a wonderful vacation! :)