Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where I've been...

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry things have been quiet on the blog here the last couple of weeks. My family and I have been in the process of moving across state (a process that I don't care to repeat anytime soon, thank you very much).

Instead of launching into a long description that would probably bore you to death, I'll give a quick (somewhat) pictorial representation of what I've been up to.

It all started with this:

Who knew those packing peanut things could create their own static electricity.
Also, since when did I walk on all fours and have so much fur?
After the packing was done, it was time to manhandle the boxes into submission:

Yep. This box nearly killed me.
Next came the long drive:

Don't even ask how I managed to hit the gas and brake pedals.
Needless to say, it took some creative thinking.
Thankfully, the drive went really well. There were even areas of sunshine over the mountain passes (despite making this trip in mid-February), and I got to see sights like these:

Upon arriving at New House, the unpacking frenzy began:

"Please, don't speak to me.
I'm bemoaning the fact that I did not, in fact, pack my socks in this box."
When it was finally over - when everything had a place in New House - this was me:

So what was the most difficult thing about this whole moving process for me?

Poor bubbles. I do so adore popping them...
Seriously though, the move went really well, and I'm very happy to be in my new home. *smiles*

New adventures on the horizon!

Now that things are calming down, the blog will be back up and running. Thanks so much for your patience during this time, my brilliant followers!


  1. Moving is never fun, but you did get some awesome photos!

  2. Hilarious pictures, Kristin! Glad the move is over and you can get back to your life. :)

    1. Haha! So glad you enjoyed them, Julia. :) And, oh my goodness, I'm glad the move is over too. It's nice to get settled and start living again! :D

  3. Fun post! And I'm glad the move went well after all! :D

    1. Thanks, Monica! And yes, the move actually went really well. :D