Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All Things Chimichanga

Hey everyone!

I think it’s time to give y’all a quick update on the Chimichanga Challenge.

Thanks to the lovely Robin Weeks, I now have a team name!

Team Churro: 25,543/40,000

The creators of the Chimichanga Challenge (Brodi Ashton and Bree Despain) have declared a slight extension. Instead of ending on May 6th, the challenge now ends on May 10th.

I have until then to write 14,457 words. Ummm….I guess we’ll just have to see if that happens.

When this is over, I might have to do a “What-I-Learned-From-This-Challenge” post.

What is everyone else up to this week?

Oh, and here is a random picture for you to enjoy. It was taken near my house.

He's happy to see ya.


  1. 25K is awesome! You can squeeze out 14k more in 6 days. Keep at it. :)

  2. Holy Cow. You are kicking my arse from here to eternity. Way to go! That is seriously so great.

  3. Elle - Thank you so much! I am sure going to try! :)

    Brodi - Thank you! But I am still betting you'll pass me up. :)