Friday, March 18, 2011

Writing Hint #11 and Pitch Contest

For today’s Writing Hint, I would like to redirect you to a series of posts by Rachelle Gardner, a literary agent with WordServe Literary Group, entitled Myth Busting.

Here are just a few of the myths addressed in these posts:

Myth: You’re finished with rejection once you’ve signed your first book contract.

Truth: Rejection is a part of every single phase of your publishing career…and it’s the worst when your book is published and “rejection” comes in the form of nasty reviews on Amazon and cruel letters from readers.

Myth: "If you don't follow this ONE piece of advice, we will immediately reject you, and you will never get published."

Truth: Agents give a lot of tips and advice on their blogs and Twitter, but you don’t have to worry that we’re going to reject a great project if you don’t follow every last little tip we’ve ever given. Every piece of advice is simply that - a tip to help you become a better writer or create more powerful queries.

Myth: Most agents won't consider any manuscript over 120k words in length.

Truth: NOT a myth - this one is true! Until you've proven yourself with a couple of books that sold well, you're not likely to sell an epic or saga much over 100k. There are always exceptions, of course. But if you're trying to break in, your 180k-opus is probably not the ticket.

Myth: Your work doesn’t need editing.

Truth: If you believe this myth, please don’t pursue traditional publishing. You will be impossible to work with.

Myth: You don’t have to worry too much about spelling and grammar—the editor will fix it.

Truth: See answer to previous myth.

Myth: Once your manuscript goes to an editor at a publishing house, it will be torn to pieces, covered in red ink and completely scrutinized and changed until you're in tears and your work isn't recognizable as your own.

Truth: While the editorial process can be challenging (frustrating, painful, infuriating, humiliating), it’s my experience that 99% of authors come through it having learned, grown as writers, and believing their manuscript is much better for it. And believe it or not, many actually love the revision process.

"Becoming a published author is a pipe-dream that will never come true."

Truth: I’ve only been doing this job for about three years, and already I’ve been involved in helping at least 27 authors get their very first publishing deal. Dreams coming true all over the place!

Click the following links to read the full text of all three posts:

And now.....


For all those interested, YAtopia is having an awesome agent pitch contest with Ammi-Joan Paquette, literary agent with EMLA. The rules can found here. If you have a manuscript ready for submission, be sure to check it out! Ms. Paquette is currently closed to submissions so this is a great opportunity. Good luck!

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