Friday, March 11, 2011

Writing Hint #10

Today’s writing hint was inspired by this post written by a fellow writer. Basically her topic dealt with what to do when you find yourself overwhelmed by your own writing. I am sure every writer gets “stuck” from time to time. The question is – how do you get “un-stuck”?

Here are a few of the things I do to get going again:

I read – Anything and everything. Immersing myself in a book can help my own words to flow.

I go back and read what I have written – Oftentimes going back and reading previous scenes will spark new ideas.

I fall in love with my characters all over again – If I don't write their story, no one will.

I revise – Revising scenes shows the potential of the story and helps me to get back in the right frame of mind to write.

I outline new ideas – Plotting new scenes, concentrating on world-building, etc., can get things going again.

I work on another project - This is why I like having two novels to work on simultaneously. If I am stumped in one, I can work on the other. When I return to the first, I have all sorts of new ideas after my short break. Sometimes leaving a manuscript alone for a couple of days can make a huge difference.

I write - Even when things seem overwhelming and my brain is fried, I try to make myself sit down and write *something.* Even if that something is only a sentence or two. 

I remember the joy - This is the most important thing. If I think of why I began writing in the first place (the love, the joy, the *need*) things don't seem as overwhelming anymore.

What are your own thoughts? What do you do to motivate yourself when you find yourself overwhelmed by your writing?


  1. Wow, you put a link to my blog. I feel so blessed. TY.
    I'm trying to overcome my weakness I stated that day. Sometimes I just have to make myself write. Then I get in the grove.

  2. Julia - Your post really inspired me to examine what I do when I get stuck or overwhelmed in my writing....and there have been lots of times, trust me.

    Sometimes I have to do the same thing - just make myself write. Once I am on a roll, I lose track of time and get swept up in the story. :)

  3. I usually go back and reread what I've written to get back in the mood. That usually helps. Reading a good book tends to knock me out of my slump as well.

    Oh, and a good movie. That's been known to get me back to writing again.

  4. Angela - Welcome to the blog!

    I hadn't thought about movies, but I can definitely see how a good movie could help. After all, movies have a story plot, dialogue, action, etc.... A good story in any format can get you to think creatively.

    Thank you for your great comment!