Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WriteOnCon and Q & A

If you missed the WriteOnCon live chat Monday night, you missed a good thing. Seriously.

Suzie Townsend with FinePrint Literary and Maria Gomez with Harper Collins were absolutely amazing. They were more than willing to answer questions, and they were insightful and helpful. I was able to ask each of them a direct question and was rewarded with detailed, informative responses.

The chat was one hour and fifteen minutes of complete awesome. It was fun and funny. The WriteOnCon crew who set up the live chat did a great job pulling everything together and moderating.

There will be more chats in the future, and I will be sure to give you the details here. If you were able to participate in the chat, what are your thoughts? Did you learn anything new? Did you enjoy it?

For those who were unable to participate, you can read the full transcript of the chat here.

In other news:

YA author Natalie Whipple is hosting a Q & A on her blog. Do you have any pressing writing questions? Direct them to her here. She will continue the Q & A all day.

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