Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Negative Temps are Just Plain Cold and New Novel Progress

Hi, y’all!

Well it’s a beautiful, clear, sunny, -100 degree day. Okay, it’s not really -100, but it was -14 degrees last night. The point is frigid! It seems like a large chunk of the country is frozen and snow-packed right now.

However, despite the chill air, I ventured out this morning, and it was gorgeous. Every limb on every tree and every twig on every bush looked like it had been brushed with crystals. The skies were bright blue and the sun made each and every speck of snow look like a million diamonds. I can put up with the negative temperatures for a short time each year in exchange for the views. Besides, the cold gives you an excuse to grab fuzzy blankets, drink cups of steaming yumminess, and camp out in front of the fire. And, in my case, write.

Now that Novel B has officially been revised to death and broken down into Post-it notes and the submission process is well underway, I have my mind turned to other projects. I have already written several promising scenes for Wannabe Novel C, and I have written the opening scenes (and outlined a bunch of the plot) for Novel B’s sequel (Novel B2). I wonder how much I can get done this week….

Be sure to check out this post on the Guide to Literary Agents blog by agent Jon Sternfeld regarding some writing “Don’ts.” 

So, what is happening with everyone? How are you dealing with the cold and the snow? 

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