Monday, February 21, 2011

Music and Writing, WriteOnCon Live Event

Hey y’all!

As you know, I am passionate about writing.


Well, I am also passionate about music (as you could probably tell if you have read the info about me contained under “The Writer” tab).

Music has been a huge player in my life for as long as I can remember. My parents have videos of me singing and swaying to music when I was two and three years old. That love of music has continued, and it delves into almost every aspect of my life, including my writing.

Anytime I sit down to do revisions or work on a new novel, I turn on my music. Sometimes I listen to movie soundtracks while I work, but for the most part, I listen to music with vocals. I am pretty eclectic, so my playlist includes everything from pop/rock to country to hard rock and even some symphonic metal.

There are certain songs that resonate with particular scenes I am writing or even with the novel as a whole. Often, I will compile playlists filled with songs that have some sort of tie to what I am writing at the time. But basically, as long as I have some sort of music playing, the words flow more smoothly and I can concentrate better.

Jami Gold wrote an interesting post on this very topic not long ago. If you have time, I would recommend you check it out.

So how do the rest of you feel about music and writing? Do you listen to music while writing? Does music inspire you? Or does it distract more than aid you?

Just as a heads up, WriteOnCon will be hosting a live event on Monday, February 28th at 9pm EST at their website.

Literary Agent Suzie Townsend with Fine Print Literary and Editor Maria Gomez with Harper Collins Childrens will be featured in the event. So mark your calendars and come armed with publishing questions. It should be a great chat. Hope to see you there!


  1. Kristin, thanks for sharing this great info!

  2. Michelle - You are very welcome! I am glad you enjoyed the post. :)

  3. I'm a big music lover too! My sister and I used to do musicals through school as well as choir etc.

    Adn I LOVE making playlists when I write. It kind of helps the muse out!

    Great post...

  4. Rebekah - That is great! Music is inspiring in so many ways. And you are right... it definitely helps the muse out. :)