Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Multiple Novels and 'Celebrating Rejection'

Hey, Everyone!

Well, it is Wednesday again, and what a beautiful Wednesday it is!

On the writing front:

I am well on my way to reaching that first 5,000 word mark in Novel B Part 2. Also, I have written over 2,000 words of the sequel to Novel A (I guess this should be called Novel A Part 2?). I am one of those people who enjoys writing multiple novels. Sometimes that isn’t a good thing. But it seems to work well for me. I love having multiple characters and worlds in which to immerse myself.

In other news:

Every writer has to face rejection. It can be easy to get angry about it or start looking down on yourself as a writer. But that is something that must not happen. Just as rejection is a part of life in general, so it is also a part of the writing life. Rejection is something that can be learned from, and it can make you a stronger person if you let it. Persistence in the face of rejection is the real test.

As Danyelle says,

“Those rejections cluttering up the dark corners of your inbox are a testament that you have thrown off safe and secure, that you've stepped out of the black and white into a world filled with color and possibility.”

Read the rest of her post on “Celebrating Rejection” here.

So, to all you fellow writers out there, rejection is a fact. It will happen. Just keep your spirits high, persevere, and don’t look back. Eventually you will be rewarded.

Have a good day!


  1. Hi Kirstin,

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