Monday, January 3, 2011

First Post Of The New Year, and Enter Balbo Ohanzee

"Didn't you forget something, Kristin? Like your posting on Friday?"

Me: Oh. There was supposed to be a blog post on Friday? Really? You are talking about December 31st right? I must have missed the memo....

"You're the one who said you were going to post."

Me: I feel terrible now....

"You should."

Me: Did you really have to make me feel so awful?

"Yes. It's my job."

Me: Who in their right mind would post on New Year's Eve anyway? That's crazy! Wait a minute, who in the world are you?"

"Your conscience."

Me: Oh that's just lame. Tell the truth.

"Fine. I am the interlocutor of your blog. But, beyond that, I am the wielder of the virtual whip that keeps you on track. Your worst nightmare when you fail your readers. You can call me Balbo Ohanzee."

Me: (Blink, blink) Balbo Ohanzee? Really? I'm ignoring you. After all, you're just a figment of my imagination.

Balbo Ohanzee: Don't you wish.

Me: What's an interlocutor?

Balbo Ohanzee: And you call yourself a writer.

Me: Be nice.

Balbo Ohanzee: Fine. Interlocutor. Part of speech: noun. Definition: 'conversationalist' or 'someone who takes part in a conversation, often formally or officially.' The word is also often used to mean 'the performer in a minstrel show who is placed midway between the end men and engages in banter with them.' But obviously the first definition is the one that applies in this situation.

Me: Impressive word.

Balbo Ohanzee: Of course.

Me: Umm, right. You can leave now. Bye.

Okay. That was weird....

Seriously though, sorry to all those expecting a posting on Friday. I got a bit caught up in the holiday, and ended up spending the whole day with my family. Which was definitely not a bad use of my time. My family is the best, and I had a really good time with them as always. 

Anyway, it is the first posting of the New Year!! Celebration! How many of you are making those resolutions that you will probably keep up with for all of, oh, ten days? Twenty if you're lucky. Oh sorry. Some of you are actually dedicated to these resolutions? Okay, I admit it. I am one such person. I already have a list of several things I would like to accomplish this year. One of which - surprise, surprise - is becoming published.

Hey! I can be positive! It's good to be positive!

So, think positive thoughts, everyone, and enjoy these first days of the new year!

Welcome 2011!

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