Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow And It's All In The Name

First off, we are getting buried by snow! After having an extremely mild December overall, the snow has finally decided to come in all its fury. One last hurrah to close out the year. So far, we have received about eight inches, and it is still coming down. According to weather predictions, we could receive as much as two feet of snow by Friday night. Bring on the sledding and snow ball fights!! It is definitely a winter wonderland out there. A not-so-white Christmas has given way to a super white New Years!

Second, it's all in the name. In a fiction novel, there is usually at least one main character and a whole host of secondary characters. The writer, in turn, has to name all these people. Yay! But how do you pick out the perfect name? Sometimes there is a name that just stands out, a name that really captures that character. A name made for that character. Sometimes it requires research...and research...and more research. I know I spend a lot of time researching baby name lists online. I am sure a lot of other writers out there do the exact same thing. It is really nice to be able to look up, say, boy names in Ireland, and be provided with an entire listing of traditional names and meanings. Very helpful.

Well, for the first time ever, I changed my main character's name after I had written the entire novel. Usually, once I settle on a name, I don't change it. It is particularly difficult to change a main character's name after you have spent an entire novel getting to know him or her by that name. It's like having a close friend tell you after two years that her name is actually not Jessica. It's Emily. Great.

But sometimes it is inevitable. You just get this feeling deep down that the character's name is not quite right. So, my main character, the character through whose eyes the entire novel is written, got a name change. After doing some research and making the change, I am extremely happy. This new name really captures the essence of the character. It is a name that flows well together, and it has an awesome meaning to boot. Ah, perfection.

What about y'all? Rename any characters lately?

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