Monday, December 13, 2010

....And So It Begins

Finally! Here it is. My very first blog posting. This blog will follow my journey as a young adult fiction writer. But along with that, you will be subjected to whatever else happens to cross my mind. Some of this will be related to writing in general (queries, agents, publishers, story plot, characters, etc.), but I also may decide to write about something random like what color of socks I am wearing. Ok, maybe not. But you get the idea.

Right now I am playing the waiting game as far as my YA fantasy manuscript goes (Let's just call it Novel A). I started sending out queries in June. Thus far I have received a whole lot of rejections. BUT! And this is key. Every single literary agent has been extremely nice, and I have received absolutely NO negative critique. Two agents expressed interest in my manuscript and asked to see it (one a partial/one a full). Though neither picked me up as a client, I received a lot of positive feedback and was encouraged to continue on. After I had queried her, I realized that one of those agents did not deal specifically with fantasy. Actually, I found out that she doesn't like reading fantasy at all. Oops. Yet, she still asked to see a partial (in this case, the first 50 pages)! She wrote a very nice e-mail about eight to ten weeks later saying that she did not feel she was the best agent for me (because of that whole dislike of fantasy thing). However, she felt that my novel has great potential and gave me some really great advice. Though disappointed in receiving yet another rejection, I have found myself thinking more positively than I have in a long time. After all, an agent who does not like fantasy still took the time to read further and also say something really nice about my novel. I feel confident. 

I think part of my problem right now is the unstable market. Personally, I think the words "debut author" are a little scary for some of the agents I have queried. Even if they say otherwise. But that is okay. I cannot help that I am new. Every author starts out that way. The ones who push forward, take advice from rejection letters along the way, and press on will eventually become published. It is all an exercise in endurance. 

I do want to say thank you to all the literary agents out there I have queried thus far. I know agents get swamped with literally hundreds and thousands of query letters, and their job is certainly not easy. I just appreciate them taking the time to review my submission, and I am especially glad that most of them have taken a few minutes to send a formal rejection letter instead of simply not responding. I hate silence....


  1. Good luck and God bless you on your journey! Every trail is special for a different reason....enjoy every twist and turn, rough spots and smooth. Sometimes the most difficult climb leads to the best view. :) If ever you need a hand, an ear, or a heart, you know I am always there. :) >:D<

  2. Twin - Thank you very much! You know I am here for you too. :)

  3. Kristin! I am SO excited and impressed!! It is incredibly brave to follow a dream like this, and I'm so glad you have it in you to do it....just think, one of these days you'll get published and I'll be telling my kids (just like I tell Riley about Christopher Paolini)...look how awesome of an author Kristin is and she was HOMESCHOOLED just like you! Keep it up and I will be thinking of you and praying for you!

  4. Angie - Thank you so much for your encouraging words and for the prayers! That really means a lot to me.